We are relocating to Renfrew, close to the Spark Science Centre.  Please call for more information:  403-453-1363 

Vis Natural Health Clinic

Beauty Inside and Out

What we're about

Vis comes from the phrase "Vis Medicatrix Naturae" - (Latin) referring to the life force present in all living beings that is self-motivating, self-healing, self-loving.  It is powerful, intelligent, and naturally inherent in every single one of us.

The doctors job is then not performing heroic acts but rather of coaching, nurturing and guiding so that the vis can do its job.  And being very reliable the vis is always doing its job.

Vis Natural Health is committed to unblocking, supporting, inspiring and realizing the innate self-healing, self-actualizing principle within each of us using gentle and natural medicines and techniques.